Region Franken

Nuremberg is not only host to the most famous Christmas market in the world but also has everything you would expect from a big city. (Photo source: Roland Berger, Wikipedia)

The Franconia region– an insiders' tip in Germany 

Here you can live well and work – Just ask our neighbors adidas and Puma. 

All signs point to growth

Over two thirds of the local crafts are forecasting increasing numbers, not only for the months ahead but also for the long term. The unemployment rate in the region of Franconia is greatly decreasing in the long term and the morale is very positive. 

A very beautiful region

Scenically Franconia hits the mark: mountains, forests, lakes and green, open fields provide a magnificent picture. This region is the perfect place for hiking, biking or just walking. At VIPA we enjoy the fantastic Franconia countryside in our spare time - Would you also like to take part? 

Franconia: right in the thick of it

Whoever is more attracted by a metropolitan region, then Nuremberg is not very far from us. Urban life and historic building stock of international reputation make the city unique. But it is also not far to other interesting places: To Frankfurt am Main or to Munich it is scarcely 200 km and after about 300 km you can be in Prague. You can't be more in the thick of it than that.