New Panel PCs from Yaskawa - Improves performance by up to three times

Yaskawa introduces the new generation of its proven Windows-based Panel PCs at SPS IPC Drives. The new models each have four powerful Quad Core @2.0 Ghz J1900 processors. Depending on the application and task, the performance is two to three times better than ever before.

Equipped with Intel processors, Yaskawa's Panel PCs are designed for demanding control and operating tasks that require more power than a standard control panel (HMI). The latest generation of devices fulfills the same role with state-of-the-art technical functions.

 There are two models available with either 2 GB of RAM (SATA DOM) or 16 GB of RAM (SSD). In addition to the significant increase in performance, the new products not only offer a conventional USB 2.0 port but also a USB 3.0 port for 10x higher transmission speeds of up to 4.8 GB per second. The new Panel PCs are now available in 10", 15" and 21".