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  • 100V

100V: Signal modules analog

Analog input/output modules acquire the analog control signals out of the process level and transform them into interpretable signals for controlling. They convert the internal control signals into signals suitable for the process level. With the expansion modules EM 123, the number of inputs/outputs of the CPU 114/115 is expanded. The connection is made to the CPU via 1tier bus connectors supplied with the module.


Up to 6 analog inputs and outputs on an expansion module

Combinable with signal modules from the system 200V

LED status indicator

Maintenance-free cage clamp technology

Front connector included

Bus connector included

Assembly with 35 mm profile rail

24 months warranty

Order no.Name/Description


EM 134 - Expansion module, analog

3x AI / 1x AI Pt, Ni, R
2x AO
12 Bit
Voltage +/- 10 V, 1...5 V, 0…10 V
Current +/-20 mA, 0/4…20 mA
Resistance-/ temperature measurement