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  • 200V

200V: Communication processors

Communications processors are used to connect different target and source systems, e.g. via Ethernet to higher-level ERP systems or serially to scanners, printers and other peripherals.

CP 240 - serial

The communication processors CP 240 serial enable the serial process coupling to different target and source systems. Depending on the module they have a RS232 and/or a RS485 interface.

CP 240 - EnOcean

The CP 240 EnOcean enables process coupling on the basis of the EnOcean wireless communication. EnOcean is a battery-free radio system that, due to the short signal duration of 0.5 ms and 10 mW transmitting power, has an energy requirement of only 50 ╬╝Ws. Here, the system uses the energy from the smallest changes in pressure or temperature to power the sensors.

CP 240 - M-Bus

In the case of the CP 240 M-Bus, the process coupling takes place on the basis of the M-Bus communication. The M-Bus System (Metering Bus) is a European-standardized 2-wire fieldbus for acquiring consumption data. Here, the data is transmitted serially via a reverse polarity protected 2-wire line from slave systems (meters) to a master system.


Support for all standard protocols (ASCII, STX/ETX, 3964(R), RK512 and Modbus (master, slave)

Internal communication via VIPA FCs

Compact design

LED status indicator

Electrically isolated to the backplane bus

Assembly with 35 mm profile rail

24 month warranty

Order no.Name/Description


IM 208CAN - CANopen master

CANopen master
1 Mbit/s
Up to 125 CAN slaves
Project engineering under VIPA WinCoCT
40 Transmit PDOs, 40 Receive PDOs


IM 208DP - PROFIBUS-DP master

12 Mbit/s
Up to 125 DP slaves


CP 240 - Communication processor

RS232 interface


CP 240 - Communication processor

RS485 interface


CP 240 - Communication processor

RS422/485 interface


CP 240 - Communication processor

M-Bus master
Up to 6 slaves