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  • 200V

232-1BD30 - Signal modules analog | Analog output modules

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TypeSM 232, ECO

General information

Features4x AO
12 Bit
Voltage 0...10 V, +/- 10 V

Current consumption/power loss

Current consumption from backplane bus60 mA
Current consumption from load voltage L+ (without load)-
Power loss2.7 W

Technical data analog outputs

Number of outputs4
Cable length, shielded200 m
Rated load voltageDC 24 V
Reverse polarity protection of rated load voltage
Current consumption from rated load voltage100 mA
Voltage output short-circuit protection
Voltage outputs
Min. load resistance (voltage range)5 kΩ
Max. capacitive load (current range)1 µF
Max. inductive load (current range)7 mA
Output voltage ranges-10 V ... +10 V
0 V ... +10 V
Operational limit of voltage ranges+/-0.4%
Basic error limit voltage ranges+/-0.2%
Destruction limit against external applied voltagemax. 15V
Current outputs-
Max. in load resistance (current range)-
Max. inductive load (current range)-
Typ. open circuit voltage current output-
Output current ranges-
Operational limit of current ranges-
Basic error limit current ranges-
Destruction limit against external applied voltage-
Settling time for ohmic load1.5 ms
Settling time for capacitive load3 ms
Settling time for inductive load-
Resolution in bit12
Conversion time0.7 ms / all channels
Substitute value can be appliedno
Output data size8 Byte

Status information, alarms, diagnostics

Status displaynone
Process alarmno
Diagnostic interruptno
Diagnostic functionsno
Diagnostics information read-outnone
Supply voltage displaygreen LED
Group error displaynone
Channel error displaynone


Between channels-
Between channels of groups to-
Between channels and backplane bus
Between channels and power supply
Max. potential difference between circuits-
Max. potential difference between inputs (Ucm)-
Max. potential difference between Mana and Mintern (Uiso)DC 75 V/ AC 50 V
Max. potential difference between inputs and Mana (Ucm)-
Max. potential difference between inputs and Mintern (Uiso)-
Max. potential difference between Mintern and outputs-
Insulation tested withDC 500 V


Input bytes0
Output bytes8
Parameter bytes8
Diagnostic bytes0


MaterialPPE / PA 6.6
MountingProfile rail 35 mm

Mechanical data

Dimensions (WxHxD)25.4 mm x 76 mm x 88 mm
Net weight80 g
Weight including accessories-
Gross weight-

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature0 °C to 60 °C
Storage temperature-25 °C to 70 °C


UL certificationyes
KC certification-