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322-1BH01-S - Signal modules digital | Digital output modules

Order no.


TypeSM 322

General information

Features16x DO, in groups of 8
1 A (per group up to 4 A)
Safe shutdown according to EN ISO 13849-1 to category 3 PLd
For 20 pole front connector

Current consumption/power loss

Current consumption from backplane bus50 mA
Power loss4 W

Technical data digital outputs

Number of outputs16
Cable length, shielded1000 m
Cable length, unshielded600 m
Rated load voltageDC 24 V
Current consumption from load voltage L+ (without load)85 mA
Total current per group, horizontal configuration, 40°C4 A
Total current per group, horizontal configuration, 60°C4 A
Total current per group, vertical configuration4 A
Output current at signal "1", rated value1 A
Signal logic outputSourcing output
Output delay of "0" to "1"150 µs
Output delay of "1" to "0"100 µs
Minimum load current-
Lamp load5 W
Parallel switching of outputs for redundant control of a loadpossible (only outputs   group)
Parallel switching of outputs for increased powernot possible
Actuation of digital input
Switching frequency with resistive loadmax. 1000 Hz
Switching frequency with inductive loadmax. 0.5 Hz
Switching frequency on lamp loadmax. 10 Hz
Internal limitation of inductive shut-off voltageL+ (-45 V)
Short-circuit protection of outputyes, electronic
Trigger level1.5 A
Number of operating cycle of relay outputs-
Switching capacity of contacts-
Output data size2 Byte

Status information, alarms, diagnostics

Status displaygreen LED per channel
Process alarmno
Diagnostic interruptno
Diagnostic functionsno
Diagnostics information read-outnone
Supply voltage displaygreen LED per group
Group error displayred SF LED
Channel error displaynone


Between channels
Between channels of groups to8
Between channels and backplane bus
Insulation tested withDC 500 V


Input bytes0
Output bytes2
Parameter bytes0
Diagnostic bytes0


MountingRail System 300

Mechanical data

Dimensions (WxHxD)40 mm x 125 mm x 120 mm
Net weight185 g
Weight including accessories195 g
Gross weight225 g

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature0 °C to 60 °C
Storage temperature-25 °C to 70 °C


UL certificationyes
KC certificationyes