Building Technology

Low-energy is the goal. Maximum performance our way.

Building control systems and building automation are relatively new fields. A few years ago it was still regarded as utopian, that more could happen automatically in a house than simply the heater shutting down at night. The need for advanced control systems came with the energy revolution - and the quite rational realization, that even the most environmentally conscious person does not think all day about whether somewhere in the house a lamp is burning too much.

VIPA controllers are smarter than so many a regulation.

To close blinds instead of ramping up the air-conditioning, not allowing rooms to cool down completely, but to heat efficiently, identifying and graphically depicting energy guzzlers – in such details the potential for the most savings lies. And VIPA CPUs with integrated interfaces to other bus systems executes this function better than any caretaker ever could. Even if he is the best facility manager far and wide.

The possibilities for saving are extendable. Our systems also.

The energy revolution has only just begun, and VIPA systems are ready for everything, whatever may come – simple to extend and easy to integrate into new systems. For example, to align solar panels to the sun, while at the same time turning down the stove – and show with the aid of a clear record, that perhaps you should just renew the windows.