Control Systems

Below you will find the different product families of the VIPA control systems. Systems 100-500 can be identified by the first digit of the article / order number or device name (for example, CPU 312SC = System 300). Components of the System SLIO have a 0 (zero) at the beginning, the series MICRO a M.

The firmware file has the following name structure:
Name = name or order number of your module, e.g. CPU 315-2AG13
ax = hardware version, e.g. a1 for release 1, a2 for release 2
Vyyy ... = firmware version e.g. V3061500 for version 3.6.15

Please check the correctness of the order number of your model. It is not possible to use firmware files from devices with different order numbers or different versions. For more information about the firmware update, refer to the manual for your module.

In case of doubts or if you have any questions, please contact your Yaskawa VIPA Controls office or send any further questions to our support department.