What is new in eCatcher Version 6.2.2

  • Enable the PLC Discovery feature
    Through Talk2M, you can display automatically and without any configuration PLCs connected to the same network as the eWON is. This also requires an eWON firmware >=12.0s1
  • Customize the links for the devices on M2Web Portal
    Devices on M2Web can be reached in another way than just by their standalone IP address. For instance, if the landing page of your PLC is my.IP/subfolder/myPage.html instead of my.IP/

  • Communicate in HTTPS on M2Web
    Security improvement that makes it possible to communicate in HTTPS with LAN devices on M2Web.

  • Easy Logs
    You can visualize in a easier/better way the logs, including exporting them.

  • Password change
    As an administrator, you can force users to change their password upon next login.


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