Discontinuation of VIPA zenon panels

Dear VIPA customers,

At the beginning of 2012 the VIPA zenon panels were discontinued.

The official last time buy period ends on April 30th, 2012.
Of course, even after this date, all the former zenon panel images (only demo versions!) will be available in our download area.
Please note that licensing, updating, upgrading and also the support have to be processed directly via our partner copadata:

Haidgraben 2
85521 Ottobrunn

E-Mail:    sales@copadata.de
Web:       www.copadata.de

Future zenon versions of course will be tested for compatibility within VIPA and will be placed at your disposal.

Only the 800MHz panel versions will be supported in these tests. Panels with only 520MHz will not be considered in the tests any more!

Your VIPA Team,