YASKAWA Cockpit now available in EUR 1.0

At the Hannover Messe trade fair, YASKAWA is responding to the vast range of concepts and visions for the future of Industrie 4.0 with a fully functional software solution: The new EUR 1.0 version of YASKAWA Cockpit, the central software platform for networked production environments, is now available for customers.

Pilot customers’ requirements and user feedback were systematically incorporated into development of EUR 1.0, the market-ready, more advanced version of YASKAWA Cockpit. The results include a redesigned graphical user interface to make the software even more user-friendly, and a new, integrated calendar function for scheduled preventive maintenance measures.

First and foremost, however, the platform offers industrial manufacturing companies of all sizes a toolkit for application-specific mapping of their individual production environments. For example, users can define their own key performance indicators (KPIs) based on preset tables, diagrams or trend graphs, and link them to data sources. The software development kit (SDK) also enables experienced users to further customize the software.

Industrie 4.0 in Real Time

Presented for the first time at the last Hannover Messe trade fair, YASKAWA Cockpit allows users to collect and analyze relevant process and system data from networked production facilities in a scalable database in real time, or provide it for external further processing. The data is visualized directly and clearly in the software platform. For this platform, the company draws on technology such as the OPC UA standard interface.

YASKAWA Cockpit can visualize live data from production. The live data collected over a certain period of time represents the performance of a system, which can be used to draw valuable conclusions about possible weak points. YASKAWA Cockpit predicts the system’s future performance based on the performance data. At the same time, the software generates schedules for preventive maintenance and required measures to keep production running as smoothly as possible. In the event of a malfunction, the system offers valuable targeted information to allow a fast return to functioning production. The data can also easily be transferred to existing ERP, MES, big data or AI environments in compliance with the highest security standards to allow sound decisions to be made on this basis.

YASKAWA Cockpit works with data from YASKAWA robot production facilities and drive components, as well as many other installed components such as PLCs, safety technology and sensors from other manufacturers, as long as these components meet the communication standards (ideally OPC UA).

The “i³ Mechatronics” solution concept

YASKAWA Cockpit is a key element of the “i³ Mechatronics” solution concept for Industrie 4.0. In this concept, YASKAWA combines conventional mechatronics, information and communication technology with digital solutions such as artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of things. “i3” stands for integrated – intelligent – innovative. This integrative approach comprises both existing and newly developed Motoman robots, products and solutions for drive and control technology, and in-house software solutions.