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We are not normally satisfied at VIPA with second place finishes, but this was really an honor for us, after all it concerned the A&D Best Product Guide 2008.

[Translate to Netherlands:] VIPA steps on the podium of the best expert editorial.

[Translate to Netherlands:] A&D is after all no less than the most relevant trade publication on the subject of automation, and nominations are made by the strictest possible Jury: its readers. We were particularly pleased with this award because A&D leads by example itself on the subject of innovation. The editorial team is regularly praised for their media choices, imagery and text writing skills.

[Translate to Netherlands:] Second place in the field of electrical engineering and power engineering.

[Translate to Netherlands:] Our Profibus connector EasyConn PB gained this placement for us, the first with Microcontroller and LED-indicators for power supply, bus activity, termination and bus errors. An exemplary robust, interference-free accessory for use in extensive systems, which we would like to show you here in more detail here.