[Translate to Netherlands:] Jobstar 2009

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Surprise visit in Herzogenaurach: On April 29 2009 a television crew suddenly turned up at the reception, accompanied by a small delegation from business and politics. whether Mr. Seel was a available, his company had won a prize.

[Translate to Netherlands:] Globally successful, regionally awarded.

[Translate to Netherlands:] Of course the VIPA CEO was available and delightfully accepted handshakes, congratulations and the Jobstar trophy. This prize is regularly awarded to Franconian companies, which provide new jobs and training places in the Metropolitan region of Nuremberg. With between 20 and 25 new hires per year VIPA absolutely deserved the award.

The prize is also a thank-you for the commitment to the region – It's true that VIPA is now active in over 60 countries, but was nevertheless founded in Erlangen and has its roots in Herzogenaurach. The Jobstar is endowed with no-cost advertising space with the corresponding regional station of RTL and a corporate presentation at „RegioPress“.