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Environmental technology, the industry with the best prospects 

Within the field of environment we have realized, together with our customers, numerous projects in the sectors

  • Renewable energy
  • water/sewage

Precisely the very strict requirements of our customers in terms of robustness, a compact design and their own energy consumption of the controllers was able to be excellently implemented into our automation technology. Many promising projects are currently in the planning phase, we see in these two industries further high growth rate for our business. 

Renewable energy

To change to green belongs to our easiest exersices.

In principle every installation of a VIPA control system has its own energy policy - on starting up the efficiency increases right away, often the consumption of raw materials sinks and his conscience is eased. In our project teams, therefore, alternative energies are always released in order to contribute to conservation with the precise control of environmentally friendly systems.

We take care of biogas plants , in which nothing is rotten.

A VIPA control system is, as it were, its own technology bonus. And it can also help ensure that you get the compensation according to the EEG (the German Renewable Energy Law): In many biogas plants VIPA controllers have optimized the efficiency, simplified operation - lightened the mood of the operator. The extremely short cycle times of the CPUs allow for many applications, from monitoring the fermentation process via the controlled supply of energy up to the ignition of the engines. 

Brilliant energy balance with solar power systems.

To simply get power out of the air always sounds so beautifully simple. But the necessary technology is the most sophisticated among the alternative energy systems. And its production is correspondingly complex - after all it's about manufacturing a product in high volume, which in production quite literally must be handled with kid gloves. To coordinate the necessary system of baths, burners and coating robots for this is just the right challenge for the VIPA SPEED7 with its high clock speeds, and so have already brought sweetness and light for several manufacturers.


Clean drinking water, not just a pipe dream.

That a manufacturer of control engineering knows how a sewage plant works seems unusual. But this is typical VIPA. At VIPA no one turns his nose up when it comes to dealing with anaerobic digestion tanks, activated sludge and de-nitrification. For in this field there is plenty to do: Many water treatment plants in Germany are technically outdated, consume more electricity than they need to and work more slowly than they might.

Higher energy efficiency, lower costs, purely more water. 

To equip a sewage plant with state of the art technology there needs to be some clarification - the water, however, last of all. Such a system is a relatively large area indeed but in itself it is rather a microcosm - consisting of pumps, sensors and last but not least; living creatures. Is it possible to synchronize this system perfectly, can the water flow and thus the efficiency of the system be significantly increased?

Waterproof concepts and revolutionary innovations

VIPA control systems with SPEED7 are open and flexible enough to channel all the processes of water purification perfectly. They fit well in plants, which are partly operated mechanically, shorten the lines to external systems such as intermediate pumping stations and have enough computing power to prepare the many variables such as rainfall amounts, oxygen content and bioactivity in an intelligent way. And: Solutions from VIPA can be almost as simple to operate as a faucet. See for yourself: with the example of the central waste water treatment plant in Detmold.