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VIPA has indeed been awarded on several occasions, because innovations are encouraged in our company in a targeted way. Project teams stand by under special protection, working on solutions for packaging machines. For in scarcely any other industry is such a pace expected as in those, who bottle, carton or bag. And this before the corresponding system is underway at all. 

Quick, quick! But also: Good, good!

What is required above all in this area of activity is that, after which our CPUs are named: Speed! Because many commodities are perishable deliveries must arrive just in time and demand fluctuates. So the task is usually to get this technical ballet of conveyor belts, robot arms and filling stations dancing the quickstep. And the extremely short cycle times of SPEED7 CPUs are a good way of gaining a few extra seconds somewhere.

With so much precision others can pack up.

Another reason for the spread of VIPA systems in the industry is the fine-tuning. Naturally in the system but also in the planning phase. That makes you start thinking about the breaking-safety of cookies or the flow rate of hair shampoo, in order to wrap up the optimum settings. Hence ultimately more throughput without more throw-out.