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  • 200V

214-1BA06 - CPUs | CPUs STEP7 programmable, standard

Order no.


TypeVIPA CPU 214

General information

FeaturesWork memory [KB]: 96
Interface [RS485]: MPI
MMC card slot, up to 32 expansion modules
Programmable with WinPLC7, SIMATIC Manager and TIA Portal

Technical data power supply

Power supply (rated value)DC 24 V
Power supply (permitted range)DC 20.4...28.8 V
Reverse polarity protection
Current consumption (no-load operation)50 mA
Current consumption (rated value)1.5 A
Inrush current65 A
I²t0.75 A²s
Max. current drain at backplane bus3 A
Max. current drain load supply-
Power loss3.5 W

Load and working memory

Load memory, integrated144 KB
Load memory, maximum144 KB
Work memory, integrated96 KB
Work memory, maximal96 KB
Memory divided in 50% program / 50% data-
Memory card slotMMC-Card with max. 512 MB

Hardware configuration

Racks, max.4
Modules per rack, max. 32
Number of integrated DP master-
Number of DP master via CP8
Operable function modules32
Operable communication modules PtP32
Operable communication modules LAN-

Status information, alarms, diagnostics

Status displayyes
Process alarmno
Diagnostic interruptno
Diagnostic functionsno
Diagnostics information read-outpossible
Supply voltage displaygreen LED
Group error displayred SF LED
Channel error displaynone

Command processing times

Bit instructions, min.0.18 µs
Word instruction, min.0.78 µs
Double integer arithmetic, min.1.8 µs
Floating-point arithmetic, min.40 µs

Timers/Counters and their retentive characteristics

Number of S7 counters256
S7 counter remanenceadjustable 0 up to 64
S7 counter remanence adjustableC0 .. C7
Number of S7 times256
S7 times remanenceadjustable 0 up to 128
S7 times remanence adjustablenot retentive

Data range and retentive characteristic

Number of flags8192 Bit
Bit memories retentive characteristic adjustableadjustable 0 up to 256
Bit memories retentive characteristic presetMB0 .. MB15
Number of data blocks2047
Max. data blocks size16 KB
Number range DBs1 ... 2047
Max. local data size per execution level1024 Byte
Max. local data size per block1024 Byte


Number of OBs14
Maximum OB size16 KB
Total number DBs, FBs, FCs-
Number of FBs1024
Maximum FB size16 KB
Number range FBs0 ... 1023
Number of FCs1024
Maximum FC size16 KB
Number range FCs0 ... 1023
Maximum nesting depth per priority class8
Maximum nesting depth additional within an error OB1


Real-time clock buffered
Clock buffered period (min.)30 d
Type of bufferingVanadium Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Load time for 50% buffering period20 h
Load time for 100% buffering period48 h
Accuracy (max. deviation per day)10 s
Number of operating hours counter8
Clock synchronization-
Synchronization via MPI-
Synchronization via Ethernet (NTP)-

Address areas (I/O)

Input I/O address area1024 Byte
Output I/O address area1024 Byte
Process image adjustable-
Input process image preset128 Byte
Output process image preset128 Byte
Input process image maximal128 Byte
Output process image maximal128 Byte
Digital inputs8192
Digital outputs8192
Digital inputs central512
Digital outputs central512
Integrated digital inputs-
Integrated digital outputs-
Analog inputs512
Analog outputs512
Analog inputs, central128
Analog outputs, central128
Integrated analog inputs-
Integrated analog outputs-

Communication functions

PG/OP channel
Global data communication
Number of GD circuits, max.4
Size of GD packets, max.22 Byte
S7 basic communication
S7 basic communication, user data per job76 Byte
S7 communication
S7 communication as server
S7 communication as client-
S7 communication, user data per job160 Byte
Number of connections, max.16

Functionality Sub-D interfaces

Type of interfaceRS485
ConnectorSub-D, 9-pin, female
Electrically isolated-
MP²I (MPI/RS232)
Point-to-point interface-
5V DC Power supplymax. 90mA, non-isolated
24V DC Power supplymax. 100mA, non-isolated

Functionality MPI

Number of connections, max.16
PG/OP channel
Global data communication
S7 basic communication
S7 communication
S7 communication as server
S7 communication as client-
Transmission speed, min.19.2 kbit/s
Transmission speed, max.187.5 kbit/s


Input bytes0
Output bytes0
Parameter bytes3
Diagnostic bytes0


MaterialPPE / PA 6.6
MountingProfile rail 35 mm

Mechanical data

Dimensions (WxHxD)25.4 mm x 76 mm x 80 mm
Net weight100 g
Weight including accessories-
Gross weight-

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature0 °C to 60 °C
Storage temperature-25 °C to 70 °C


UL certificationyes
KC certification-