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021-1SD10 - Signal modules digital | Digital input modules

Order no.


TypeSM 021
Module ID0C42 2E00

General information

Features4x SDI
DC 24 V
Safety / FSoE

Current consumption/power loss

Current consumption from backplane bus95 mA
Power loss0.8 W

Technical data digital inputs

Number of inputs4
Cable length, shielded330 m
Cable length, unshielded330 m
Rated load voltage-
Current consumption from load voltage L+ (without load)2 mA
Rated valueDC 20.4...28.8 V
Input voltage for signal "0"DC 0...5 V
Input voltage for signal "1"DC 11...28.8 V
Input voltage hysteresis-
Signal logic inputSinking input
Frequency range-
Input resistance-
Input capacitance100 nF
Input current for signal "1"3 mA
Connection of Two-Wire-BEROs possible
Max. permissible BERO quiescent current1.5 mA
Input delay of "0" to "1"parameterizable 1ms - 1s
Input delay of "1" to "0"parameterizable 1ms - 1s
Number of simultaneously utilizable inputs horizontal configuration4
Number of simultaneously utilizable inputs vertical configuration4
Input characteristic curveIEC 61131-2, type 3
Initial data size4 Bit

Status information, alarms, diagnostics

Status displaygreen LED per channel
Interruptsyes, parameterizable
Process alarmno
Diagnostic interruptyes, parameterizable
Diagnostic functionsyes, parameterizable
Diagnostics information read-outpossible
Module stategreen LED
Module error displayred LED
Channel error displayred ERR-LED and yellow ER2-LED


Between channels-
Between channels of groups to-
Between channels and backplane bus
Insulation tested withDC 500 V


Safety protocolFSoE
Safety requirementsSIL CL 3, PL e, Kat 4
Secure user address1 - 4095
Watchdog parameterizable 20ms - 65s
Two channelsEach 2 of 4 inputs switchable
Test pulse outputs4


Input bytes6
Output bytes6
Parameter bytes16
Diagnostic bytes20


MaterialPC / PPE GF10
MountingProfile rail 35 mm

Mechanical data

Dimensions (WxHxD)12.9 mm x 109 mm x 76.5 mm
Net weight63 g
Weight including accessories68 g
Gross weight84 g

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature0 °C to 60 °C
Storage temperature-25 °C to 70 °C


UL certification

in preparation

C certificationin preparation