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Motion control

SPEED7  Studio  allows  a  new,  highly  efficient  way  of  drive  configuration.  With  the Motion  Control  library  (PLCopen)  machine  functions  can  be  projected  also  without  any special system know-how. The best of the VIPA control world and the YASKAWA drive world could now be found in a single tool.

For the multi-axis applications the cam disk editor is available. This allows for the creation of the motion laws of the VDI 2143 for the electronic cam disk with only a few clicks. Mechanical cam disks are emulated exactly and can be simply developed further. Through the high-performance cycle synchronicity the motion axes can be positioned optimally and exactl

Axis configuration

Axis diagnostic

Standart PLCopen blocks

CAM Editor

What is provided by SPEED7 studio

Hardware configuration
Motion control