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Fieldbus accessories

Fieldbus connectors, PROFIBUS-DP connectors with integrated intelligence and LED diagnostic display, a comprehensive set of adapters, rails and connectors support the versatile use of the systems. [more]


By means of a Profibus repeater, you have the possibility to connect two PROFIBUS systems to each other, thus enabling the connection of additional subscribers. [more]


Antennas for our products  [more]

S5 components

PROFIBUS-DP Slave interface cards for the SIMATIC S5 allow easy and safe upgrade to newer control systems with PROFIBUS-DP master interfaces, while maintaining the periphery of Siemens SIMATIC S5. [more]


YASKAWA VIPA Controls offers a variety of Industrial Ethernet switches with performance features such as industry-leading reliability, network redundancy, seamlessly integrated security. [more]


VIPA Teleservice-Modules are completely configurable via a web browser (for example, Internet Explorer. You do not need any additional software. [more]


Insulation stripping tool, adaption capsule for S5-115U/F  [more]


Suitable cables for our controllers.  [more]