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  • 200V

200V: Function modules

Function modules are intelligent modules, the technological tasks such as position determination, counting and positioning, and other complex functions in the automation run autonomously.

FM 250 - SSI Modules

The SSI module enables the connection of absolute coded reading recorders with an SSI interface. The module converts the serial information of the reading recorder into parallel information and makes this available to the controller. There is a possibility to transmit the data in gray or binary code. In addition to the SSI signals clock, data and encoder supply there are two additional outputs that can be set or reset when crossing.

FM 250 - Counter

The counter counts the pulses of the connected sensor and processes these stimuli according to the selected module. The module has 2 or 4 channels at a width of 32 bit or 16 bit respectively, with 20 counter modes and two DC 24 V outputs, which are controlled depending on the mode.

FM 253/254 – Positioning Modules

Positioning modules can be used for point-to-point positioning and for complex travel profiles with the highest standards of accuracy, dynamism and speed. The FM 253 is a Positioning module for controlling a stepper motor. Stepper motors are used when maximum torque at low speeds is required and the target position is to be achieved and maintained without overshooting. The FM 254 is a positioning module for controlling a servo drive. The module operates independently and is controlled by a corresponding application program from the CPU. The module has 3 inputs for connecting limit switches and can control 2 outputs.


Compact design

LED status indicator

Electrically isolated to the backplane bus

Assembly with 35 mm profile rail

24 month warranty

Order no.Name/Description


FM 250 - Counter module

2/4 channels with 32/16 Bit
Supply DC 24 V and above backplane bus
24 V outputs (1 A) free configurable
Up to 1 MHz


FM 250S - SSI module

1 SSI channel
12/24 Bit
Direct power supply to the SSI transducer
Baud rate: 100/300/600 Kbit/s (default: 300 Kbit/s)
2x parameterizable DO, DC 24 V, 1 A
One may be used as hold input


FM 253 - Positioning module

For 1-axis drive with stepper
3x DI, DC 24 V
Inputs for connecting end switches
2x DO, 24 V


FM 254 - Positioning module

For 1-axis drive with servo
3x DI, DC 24 V
For connecting end switches
2x DO, DC 24 V
1 A