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332-5HB01 - Signal modules analog | Analog output modules

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TypeSM 332

General information

Features2x AO
12 Bit
Voltage +/- 10 V, 1…5 V, 0…10 V
Current +/- 20 mA, 0/4…20 mA
For 20 pole front connectors

Current consumption/power loss

Current consumption from backplane bus100 mA
Current consumption from load voltage L+ (without load)-
Power loss2.5 W

Technical data analog outputs

Number of outputs2
Cable length, shielded-
Rated load voltageDC 24 V
Reverse polarity protection of rated load voltage-
Current consumption from rated load voltage70 mA
Voltage output short-circuit protection
Voltage outputs
Min. load resistance (voltage range)1 kΩ
Max. capacitive load (current range)1 µF
Max. inductive load (current range)30 mA
Output voltage ranges-10 V ... +10 V
0 V ... +10 V
+1 V ... +5 V
Operational limit of voltage ranges+/-0.2% ... +/-0.8%
Basic error limit voltage ranges+/-0.1% ... +/-0.5%
Destruction limit against external applied voltagemax. 16V (30V / 10s)
Current outputs
Max. in load resistance (current range)500 Ω
Max. inductive load (current range)10 mH
Typ. open circuit voltage current output-
Output current ranges-20 mA ... +20 mA
0 mA ... +20 mA
+4 mA ... +20 mA
Operational limit of current ranges+/-0.3% ... +/-0.8%
Basic error limit current ranges+/-0.2% ... +/-0.5%
Destruction limit against external applied voltagemax. 16V (30V / 10s)
Settling time for ohmic load0.2 ms
Settling time for capacitive load1 ms
Settling time for inductive load1 ms
Resolution in bit13
Conversion time0.5 ms all channels
Substitute value can be appliedyes
Output data size4 Byte

Status information, alarms, diagnostics

Status displaygreen LED per channel
Process alarmno
Diagnostic interruptyes, parameterizable
Diagnostic functionsyes
Diagnostics information read-outpossible
Supply voltage displaynone
Group error displayred SF LED
Channel error displayred LED per channel


Between channels-
Between channels of groups to-
Between channels and backplane bus
Between channels and power supply
Max. potential difference between circuits-
Max. potential difference between inputs (Ucm)-
Max. potential difference between Mana and Mintern (Uiso)DC 75 V/ AC 50 V
Max. potential difference between inputs and Mana (Ucm)-
Max. potential difference between inputs and Mintern (Uiso)-
Max. potential difference between Mintern and outputs-
Insulation tested withDC 500 V


Input bytes0
Output bytes4
Parameter bytes21
Diagnostic bytes16


MountingRail System 300

Mechanical data

Dimensions (WxHxD)40 mm x 125 mm x 120 mm
Net weight230 g
Weight including accessories-
Gross weight-

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature0 °C to 60 °C
Storage temperature-25 °C to 70 °C


UL certificationyes
KC certificationyes