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  • 100V

100V: 100V accessories

System accessories expand the use of the system and facilitate starting.

Note: Bus connector, front connector and label strips are supplied with the modules.

Memory Expansion

MMC cards can be used to store program and data.

Bus Connectors

By using backplane bus connectors, communication between the modules is realized.

35 mm Profile Rail

With the help of 35 mm profile rails. the respective modules can be mounted directly on the mounting surface. The profile rail can be ordered in various lengths.

Front Connectors

The front connectors are included and supplied with the CPU and signal modules, but may also be ordered separately as spare parts.


The technical documentation of the respective assemblies comprises various manuals with the necessary hardware and programming information, detailed descriptions of each module, and instructions for structure and assembly.

Order no.Name/Description


Bus connector



35 mm profile rail

length 2000 mm


35 mm profile rail

length 530 mm


Front connector

10 pin with cage clamps (included in the scope of delivery of signal modules)


MMC - MultiMediaCard

MMC for VIPA CPUs 11x, 21x, 24x, 31x, 51x, and 208-1DP01, CC 03