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  • 100V

100V: Clamp modules

Clamp modules are passive modules for 2- or 3-wire installations, the contacts are electrically connected internally vertically. They offer various connectivity options for signals, mass and plus potentials.

By the use of clamp modules distributors for a power supply can be realized in a simple way and thus offer the possibility for connection of active supplied sensors such as proximity switches. The wiring is carried out using time-saving and secure cage clamp technology

Passive clamp modules have no connection to the backplane bus.

The terminal modules are attached to the mounting surface using a 35 mm profile rail.


Maintenance-free cage-clamp technology

Maximum terminal current 10 A

Assembly with 35 mm profile rail

24 months warranty

Order no.Name/Description


CM 101 - Clamp modules

8x 11 clamps