VIPA: Established in an industry that needs solutions like on a conveyor belt.

The automotive industry: Engine of our economy, paradise for innovators. And the premier class for system providers. It may well be that efficient production was invented in the USA and that continuous improvement is in Japan – Quality still comes from Germany. And system controllers made by VIPA have also proven themselves here.

Systems, which run smoothly. Even when the going gets rough.

The challenge in this industry lies in its dimensions. Ever larger range of models, more and more complex technology, ever faster product cycles. Whoever wants to survive here, must be able to refine his technology, expand and accelerate. And this just in time, after all the conveyor belt runs on.

We offer more than a controller that runs and runs and runs.

The confidence that renowned automobile manufacturers have in VIPA controllers, is primarily due to our understanding of their complex processes. After all there is a modular system at VIPA too – each system can be widely extended, adapted quickly and easily integrated. So convincing, that with the help of our controllers, not only some car or other was produced, but in fact Das Auto.