Handling and storage technology

VIPA logostic solutions: Proposals by the pile and a wide range of offers.

Few professions have become so much more sophisticated within a few years than that of what was once called a warehouse worker. Not even a generation ago this was mostly a hard working man with a license to drive a forklift truck. Today, in this position, you share the responsibility every day, that production hasn't stopped somewhere. VIPA supports these skilled people with intelligent control systems – which are so simple to operate that at least you don't need a PhD to do it.

Room for improvement where there is hardly room for people.

Modern logistic systems are like a parallel universe. Often secretly installed, such as in hospitals, and not easily accessible for people, as for example in automated high-bay warehouses. Breakdowns, bottlenecks and wrong turns have no place here. VIPA control systems are therefore very convincing with absolute reliability, user-friendly visualization software and comprehensive control and monitoring functions.

Our project teams draw their energy from the flow of commodities.

Logistic means to keep everything in flow. And yet you have to block this, in order to work on existing systems. VIPA not only designs customized control systems, but so just such schedules for their installation. The fact that some things have to done overnight - or sometimes even during the holidays - simply belongs to the profession. We know this, we accept this. Otherwise we could have become a fork-lift truck drivers.