Food & Beverage

Innovative controllers with long minimum shelf-life.

The food industry has always been a very resourceful industry. Big names such as Pasteur and Liebig can be found in the history books. This market does not tolerate standstill because of strong competition – and because almost all the products are perishable. In short: There are so many challenges here that orders from this industry is actually luxury food for VIPA.

One Industry entirely to the taste of VIPA.

You must be able to deal with extremes in this industry. There is flash freezing and autoclaving, vacuum packed and pressure-filled. All this under the most severe health conditions and always under time pressure. VIPA SPEED7-CPUs are truly in good hands here, and the principle of open interfaces pays off with every change in production. VIPA ensures fluid operation in the beverage industry, regulates priority on baking lanes and is always hungry for new challenges.

Your partner when systems are approaching their expiry date.

Often in this industry there are still machines in use, whose control systems are 10 years old or more and so still contain old S5 components. Spare parts for these machines are gradually becoming scarce. Therefore VIPA offers with the IM 306 interface modular assemblies an upgrade for such facilities, inexpensive and easy to install. Our own SPEED7 ASIC protects your investment in the long term because we are vendor independent and not affected by discontinuations. This guarantees investment protection.