The best thing since sliced bread.

Crusts, crumbs and corn: Half the world envies the German speaking countries for their bread. Rightly so. Or what do you miss most after a long stay abroad? Exactly. To equip the long-established bread company Fischer Brot in Linz with control systems was for VIPA therefore a fine mixture of cultural contribution and an appetizing Order.

Dough rises, operation is running, time is racing.

To preserve this culture but to adapt it to large amounts was a challenge that the VIPA project team responsible liked. It was a question of meeting the requirements of the International Food Standards to wrap up storage and logistics and to develop time concepts. Between a rising piece of dough and a sweet-smelling Hubertus bread lies ultimately a complex sequence of kneading, resting and processing Even half-baked solutions are sometimes needed: In order to make good bread rolls fully-baked certainly takes the processing power of the proven Speed7 CPUs.

VIPA doesn't let the butter be taken from the bread.

Particularly interesting about this example case is that the order was initially to automate the monitoring of the new cold storage plant, Markgrafneusiedl. The performance of the team and the reliability of the system then quickly convinced Fischer Brot to entrust VIPA with the control technology for the entire production. And for us of course it was a piece of cake.

The quality speaks for itself, the customer for us:

„The SPEED7 devices run without problems, the cycle times are awesome, the compatibility with the "Siemens-World" is perfect - I honestly cannot think of a better solution at the moment, I'm very satisfied with the manufacturer VIPA - both with their products and with their customer service.“
Ing. Andreas Ortler, Leiter Technik und EDV bei Fischer Brot