Life-Help Forchheim

We help them to save energy, who need theirs for more important things.

The Life-Help, Forcheim is a non-profit organization that has been caring for people with mental disability for more than 40 years. This institution is financed by taxes and donations. And so, as one gets annoyed in aid organizations, when funding is sunk into bureaucracy, the support here shouldn't go up in smoke any more. To develop a building management for this facility was therefore positively a matter of honor for VIPA. 

A climate control system that even helps against a social cold shoulder.

The team of Life-Help is committed to the point of idealism, as so often in social professions. Their training and further education is as broad as the range of products from VIPA, and accordingly their rooms are different - there are classrooms, common rooms and workshops. The new control system should lighten the daily life of the staff by easy operation and the greatest possible automation. Heating and ventilation, lighting and blinds since then have been controlled with VIPA components and operated via touch panels. 

Barrier-free, but with restricted access.

The VIPA installation even partly takes over some of the duty of supervision, which very much eases everyday life for the personnel. What was needed was a practical, electronic door control to avoid playing children in the work shop or disoriented persons somewhere on the compound. All doors and touch panels are therefore controlled via transponders and RFIO readers, and can only be operated by the respective escort.